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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

SPYSHOTS: Perodua Viva replacement/Daihatsu Ayla Spotted - MALAYSIA

The evening rush hour traffic might be the last place you would expect a yet-to-be-launched model to appear, but we caught a glimpse of what could be the replacement for the Perodua Viva in the midst of the bustling traffic.   
Though we only managed to get a single low-resolution image of the car, it bears the unmistakable rear light cluster of the Daihatsu Ayla, a compact car which was developed for the Indonesian market. Though the rear logo on this car in question was covered by tape and wore tradeplates, it is highly likely that what you see here could be the upcoming replacement model for the Viva.
Every Perodua model since the original Kancil have been based on existing Daihatsu models. The Viva, which has been around for nearly seven years, is the next model due for a replacement.
Evidence of the Ayla-Viva replacement connection can also be found in Perodua’s GMA Space concept, which was shown in KLIMS’13. Called the “Global Model A-Segment Space”, the static display was a preview of the interior of Perodua’s upcoming Viva replacement model. And if you look at the design of the GMA Space’s dashboard, you would find that it bears a striking resemblance to that of the Ayla’s. Also during KLIMS’13 Perodua showcased its new 1-litre three-cylinder aluminium engine, which is shared with the Ayla.
Put the pieces together and you would pretty much have a clear picture of what Perodua's next new model would be, now we only have to wonder what Perodua’s version of the Ayla would look like. With rumours around the internet placing the introduction of the Viva’s replacement to be sometime around the second half of the year, we wouldn’t have to wait that long. 

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