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Friday, May 16, 2014

2 Million Active Daily users in the US.

2 Million Active Daily users in the US.

There are so little traffic stats out there for dating sites, so i’m going to put out a few.
The average age of a active daily user has fallen to 35 years for us,  from 40 in 2009.

Here are what our stats currently look like in our 3 biggest markets,
2 Million active daily registered users in the US
550,000 active daily registered users in the UK
450,000 active daily registered users in Canada
There are a lot of very misleading stats about the dating industry out there.   The Online Dating industry in the US is not a billion dollar industry.   The combination of revenue from US users received by, Eharmony, Spark networks and other major dating sites does not add up to 1 Billion.    To get to a billion plus Offline matchmaking and adult dating sites are tossed into the mix.   Match has 1.1 Million subscribers in the US,  Eharmony 500kish,  spark networks at 200k maybe if you toss in the other 1400 dating sites in the US you come to 2.5 Million paying online daters out of a singles population of 100 Million in the US.

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