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Sunday, March 30, 2014

This DIEGO GARCIA, the United States Secret Base in the Indian Ocean

The extent of only 44 km2. The location of the remote atoll in the middle of the ocean. Located far from everywhere mainland. South India is the closest plains, approximately 1,790 km.

The island was first encountered by Portuguese sailors around the year 1512. After the Napoleonic Wars in 1814, the island belonged to the British. During the Second World 1942, juicer utilizing Diego Garcia to be the air base for reconnaissance missions and hunt submarines and warships in the Indian Ocean.

In 1966, Britain agreed to give the United Syarikat establishing militant bases on the island of Diego Garcia. This place is strategic to U.S. militant operations in the Indian Ocean during the cold war era.
Americans put some warships, bombers and logistics briefing place on this island. Headquarters is believed to be the place where 'intelligent' U.S. with all the fittings sophistication.

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