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Saturday, March 29, 2014

7 Odd Breakfasts From Around the World

Here in America, we may not eat the healthiest breakfast in the world, but we certainly eat the most breakfast-y breakfast in the world. I mean, bacon and eggs? C'mon, bro! Who would step to that?
Plenty of countries, it seems, would step to that. And in wildly appetizing manners, to boot. The international breakfasts on this list may seem bizarre to you, but they're perfectly normal to the folks who eat them on the reg. They ain't no bacon and eggs, though. That's for damn sure.


odd breakfasts from around the world brazil
In Brazil, people eat meat, cheese and bread – the kinda stuff we eat for late night snacks here – in the A.M. hours. That’s right, padre. Snacks. For breakfast. So the next time your mom catches you eating Doritos before school, just tell her you're "eating like a Brazilian." She'll be so impressed by your knowledge of international affairs, she won't question you. About anything. Ever again. Just promise me you'll use your newfound powers for good, OK?


odd breakfasts from around the world thailand
Breakfast in Thailand? Well, a bunch of pork from, uh, exotic areas of the body like the intestine, heart and stomach are cooked and then mixed into a porridge-like, rice-based, sludge called chok–the whole shebang is then topped with something called pathongko, consisting of fried garlic, ginger and spicy pickles. Which sounds pretty good, IMHO. The pathongko, I mean. Not the pork intestine.


odd breakfasts from around the world mongolia
In Mongolia, they eat balls of boiled mutton for breakfast. Well, not actual balls... dumpling balls. Filled with mutton (mutton is a fancy word for sheep meat, by the way). The dumplings, which can be boiled or steamed, are eaten sans cutlery. The next time you’re in Mongolia, fill your hand with some balls and start chompin’!


odd breakfasts from around the world japan
Mmm... hiyayakko. Even the name sounds tantalizing, no? A staple in Japanese cuisine (which, as cuisines go, is pretty choice), anyone who grew up a kid in the Land of the Rising Sun remembers it fondly. What is it, you ask? Why, a huge ass square of cold tofu, bro! Topped with green onions and soy sauce! ‘Cause nothing’s a better start to the day than a flavorless white patty of soy... topped with more soy!


odd breakfasts from around the world korea
In Korea, folks eat kimchi (slightly spicy fermented vegetables, usually cabbage) in soup, along with a side of rice and miscellaneous toppings. Which is what, conveniently, they also eat the rest of the day. C’mon, man... would it kill ‘em to throw a little variety into the mix? Their breakfast bowl is sometimes served with toast, which I find a little patronizing.


odd breakfasts from around the world mexico
Omelettes for breakfast make sense. After all, we eat 'em here. Omelettes with fungus-infected corn in 'em, though? You're gonna have to go over the border for that. When a pathogenic fungus called Ustilago maydis infects corn, it turns it into huitlacoche, considered a delicacy in Mexico. This gray, mushroom-esque super corn is often used in omelettes and quesadillas. (FUN FACT: Huitlacoche, translated into English, means corn smut!)


odd breakfasts from around the world pakistan

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